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in London. "My companions gathered round, but could not prevail on me to mount again; the guide led the horse, and I trudged along on foot. Getting rather weary, however, and seeing the comparatively easy manner in which my friends got along,

t had hindered t

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in spite of the thick brushwood and old trees that lay stretched over one another at all angles, I mounted again, but soon found it almost impossible to follow my companions without getting myself bruised in all qua


rters, and possibly some of my bones broken. "They had got about one hundred yards before me, and halloed to me to follow. I exerted myself to the utmost, but one of my legs getting into the cleft of a small tree, I

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was thrown off the horse's back and left among the briars again. Bawling out, they waited until I came up. None of them but Mr. MacKay, as good a Scotchman as lives, laughed, and I was almost inclined to fling my bo

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ot at him. Being a good horseman, and used to the rough roads of Canada, he could keep his seat in the saddle in a way, but the skin of his legs was partly peeled like my own, and his clothes torn in various places.

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"After travelling a great way we got to a stream which the guide said had its origin in the iron mountain. Proceeding up the stream to its source, we at last came upon the famous ore-bed, but through excessive fatig

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, Colonel of the 2nd Battalion, etc., etc. Even Colonel By, with bone and muscle and sinew like wrought-iron, who can endure anything and eat anything, even to raw pork, was fagged out, and slept like the rest of us. "The Chief kindly left us un

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h was not a little infected with the dialect of southern Scotland, but is here rendered in modern English for the sake of the readers, "is found in most ancient history—it may be legendary. It is this: "Faithful to the farew

n many yea

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ell commission of his Master, whom he saw ascend from the brow of Olivet and received into heaven, Andrew spent his missionary life in Scythia and Achaia, and in Patr?, one of its principal cities, he founded a branch of the C

ng round I saw my qu

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hurch, the success of which brought down upon him the vengeance of the heathen governor, who caused him to be crucified. He was tied to a cross of olive wood in the form of the letter X. He endured the prolonged agonies of hun


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ger and thirst and pain for many days, until at last the strong heart gave its last beat and his spirit fled to the side of the glorified Christ. "A woman of wealth and rank obtained possession of the body. The congregation w

had become

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ith sorrowing hearts buried it in the little church. There it lay in undisturbed repose during the long stretch of three hundred years. "Wholesale massacres swept myriads of Christians into martyr graves until a Christian emperor came to the thr

one, who ordered a great and gorgeous temple to be erected in memory of the apostle in C

place St. Andrews. "Dense woods surrounded t